BCC Case Study Webinar, November 26, 2015: How Technology and Forward Thinking Power Smarter Working

Bristol City Council has long been at the forefront of digital transformation. At the heart of this they needed to digitize all of their paperwork; different types of documents, case-related archiving into Alfresco and content categorization.   They selected Alfresco and Ephesoft to securely deliver the unified mobile content management and collaboration capabilities it needed.

Like a lot of councils, we’re having to think about how we shape ourselves for the future. Nothing ever stays the same for very long and the pace of technological change has not only transformed how we engage citizens but how they, in turn, want to interact with us. If we want to ensure we’re fit for purpose in the digital age this means making changes to our processes.

What the Client Will Share

Bristol City Council will share with us details about their recent ‘Bristol Workplace Program’ the outcomes of the new program, and the challenges they faced.

We already had experience of using a scanning company to digitize files and extract metadata for specific service areas on a daily basis, but what we needed for this challenge was slightly different – a process that could be used to deal with large volumes of documentation for any different team across the council at short notice.

You Might Want to Attend the Webinar if You Need Help With

  • Streamlining and automating document management to improve collaboration internally across your organization.
  • Improve efficiency and productivity, while reducing your costs related to evolving document-centric challenges.
  • A better solution to manual processes that handle documents related to invoicing, payroll, claims processing, human resources, recruitment,  expenses, etc.