Ephesoft Accounts Payable Solution-While the capture Industry has been focusing on invoice processing, in accounts payable applications, little is being marketed towards processing incoming sales orders.  This is quite surprising to me! As this is a ‘money in’ and not ‘money out’ just like paying invoices.  CFO and controllers’ main focus is solely in the ‘money in’ aspect.

A sales or purchase order is very similar to an invoice. For example, it includes a header, footer and line item information which must all be captured.  This critical information must be provided accurately to fulfill the order in a timely manner.

Did you know over half of a customer service representatives’ day is spent contacting customers due to incomplete orders?  Incomplete orders due to missing information such as a purchase order, part numbers, incorrect payment terms, and bad credit – delay the entire process.  The lost time in researching for correct information is wasted rather than fulfilling orders.  This equates to slow fulfillment and loss of customers. Your competitors may have already incorporated the technology to process orders quickly therefore having the competitive edge.

With the power of Ephesoft – you can attain an incoming order; capture all relevant information required without user intervention.  If an order is delivered with incomplete or inaccurate information, Ephesoft software can contact the customer via email, SMS, or fax and inform them of the required information.  This is completed without the intervention of a customer service representative, who can return to their primary task of keeping your customers happy and not switching to the competition!