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Where does your company keep its most valuable information? Maybe in databases or ERP or CRM systems. But how much of your valuable information is stored in unstructured documents? Maybe you have several repositories for different divisions and locations. These silos are built to help you find the documents should you ever need them again for reference or regulatory compliance. But what if you could unlock the data in all of your documents, no matter where they’re stored and no matter what format?

Ephesoft Insight is the secret to tapping into the valuable data trapped in your unstructured content. This is more than the data captured to process the documents: more than the index fields required to find the document again. With Insight, you can rapidly discover all the valuable information contained on these documents without the costs and delays of manual labor. And you can use this information to perform predictive analytics, data mining and gather intelligence to discover how to direct your business and run it more efficiently. Ephesoft Insight takes you from the old model of amassing content to the new model of gaining insight from your content assets with immediate research capabilities.

Let’s say your organization has billings, loans, and contracts stored in various SharePoint and other content management repositories. With Ephesoft Insight you can quickly normalize the data contained on all of these documents to identify potential risks, explore new revenue sources, forecast future business performance, and even combine the extracted data with your structured databases and other data streams.

You also may not even know what information is scattered across your document repositories and network drives. In other words, you may not know what you don’t know. But these documents could have a major impact on potential fraud, strategic business development or even marketing opportunities that impact revenue. With Insight you can quickly make sense of this content, helping you identify outlier information, trends in your business or other hidden factors that affect your performance.

Every department in your organization has different ways at looking at information. Ephesoft Insight is the one tool that can allow your business analysts to act like detectives, discovering answers to questions that you may not have thought to ask.

Ephesoft Insight combines the analytics power of sophisticated big data tools with the intelligence to identify unstructured content and extract meaning. All in a platform that is easy to implement and even easier to use. Discover Your Universe, with Ephesoft Insight.

Ephesoft Insight Demo at Finovate Spring



Join us for Innovate – the Premier Document Capture User Conference of Ephesoft, Inc. Attendees will have the opportunity to get a detailed look at the technology behind the Insight platform real world applications during the conference sessions and technical tracks. Current certified users of Ephesoft 4.0 will also have the chance to join the Innovate workshop program on 10-19-2016, which includes a deep dive exploration of Insight.