handshakeThe number of players in the capture market has been stable with a few new ones entering and leaving each year.  Established vendors from five years ago have almost all been acquired by larger companies and are captives; (IBM/Datacap, Lexmark/Perceptive/Brainware, EMC/Documentum/Captiva, Hyland/AnyDoc).

The few remaining independents, e.g. Kofax, Readsoft, seem to think the capture market is mature and no further progress can be made.  Instead they are acquiring companies doing workflow, analytics, mobile, etc. to make their average sale much higher.  Meaning they are providing more of the solution their system integrator partners already are providing.  This scenario is setting up further clash between their partners and themselves, causing more sales to be sold directly than from the channel.

Ephesoft thinks differently, i.e. intelligent capture, can be improved and that is our only focus.  We are not trying to expand beyond our core expertise. On the contrary, we have doubled our engineering staff in the past year to consistently innovate and lead the capture market.  Our feeling is that only larger organizations have truly benefited from IDC thus far. Our market potential is gigantic!  With the latest browser-based technology combined with a lower price point (and ROIs of less than 6 months), Ephesoft is breaking away from the old players and opening the capture market to the Fortune 50,000, not just the Fortune 500.