snapdocWe have been hearing a lot of talk about mobile capture business recently, but what really is that technology and how can you use it to benefit your business?

Mobile Capture – The Business Value

Mobile capture business is basically the ability to capture documents using your mobile phone. It’s like taking a picture of something and sending it to a central place to be processed. Since it involves documents, it’s a little more involved than just taking pictures, because the documents need to be de-skewed, cleaned up and normalized so they look good when they get to the central processing location. Also, if you want them to be read by a machine or OCR’ed then you need clean looking document images for that to take place.

A good mobile capture business application will let you submit clean looking documents that are ready for an OCR process. The real value of the mobile capture application is to submit documents into the workflow process quicker from the field, by the knowledge worker, without involving other people or processes. This is a huge advantage in speeding up the business workflow and maintaining competitive advantage. Think of a proof of delivery document that is signed in the field, captured by a mobile phone and submitted to corporate within minutes. The billing and collection process can start immediately, plus the document can be available for retrieval by the customer or company as soon as it is sent in via the phone…a huge improvement over today’s manual processes.