500_color-stacked.-300-wide-web-300x249In this blog post we outline some costly and common document processing challenges – and how Ephesoft systems can save the day

  • Is document ingestion bloating your organization?  This applies if you’re using people to retrieve and process information from PDFs, emails with attachments, faxes, or plain paper documents.
  • Is your paper processing wasting time? There is a true and tangible value in getting documents into a system quickly, then relaying those documents, or key data within them, straight to the people who need them.  This can improve customer service, decision-making, and organizational efficiency.  Posting important documents online sooner can also be a significant competitive advantage.
  • Do you have more than two full time people processing information from documents?  Ephesoft boosts reliability and speed and generally delivers a return of investment in a year or less.
  • Too many filing and processing errors in your current manual processes?  Ephesoft’s automated solution provides a detailed audit trail and drastically reduces errors.
  • Do you need to audit documents and separate by document types for easier indexing and retrieval in an imaging system? Ephesoft’s simple-to-use tools provide maximum flexibility and functionality when auditing and indexing documents. 
  • Is the current indexing process within your image repository inadequate? Would it benefit from adding new index fields or changing the indexing criteria?  This is a simple process with Ephesoft solutions.
  • Do your team members need to search documents for various fields of data and key them into your business systems? Ephesoft provides the most advanced shortcuts available to simplify this tedious and time-consuming task.

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, contact Ephesoft today to learn more about the efficiency and value of our automated forms processing solutions.