Seperator SheetsAccounts Payable is evolving in a big way! Customers would frequently call asking, “Can you scan and OCR (optical character recognition) my invoices so I do not have to manually enter each one?” Over time the requests have changed. Our requests we receive now ask, “Can you import my invoices from email inboxes and OCR them?”

Ephesoft is here to adapt to the ever-changing landscape. Two years ago, we introduced email import which allows users to monitor multiple email inboxes and import the emails along with their attachments. The trick becomes designing accounts payable software to take advantage of this great feature. Our competitors still force customers to use separator sheets to be able to invoice with multiple pages. Of course, Ephesoft can also do this, but who really wants to open an email, print the attachment, place separator sheets between the invoices, and finally scan? It simply does not make sense!

At Ephesoft, we are always devising better ways to do business – and it all begins with options. Clients can choose to treat each email as a separate invoice, but what if you are receiving one PDF attachment with 20 multiple page invoices all at once? Ephesoft can review all the pages and decide where the invoices should start and end based on invoice number, PO number or page number — or any combination of all of them. This way, we can import the invoices from emails, eliminate printing and pre-sorting, and give our clients a platform that allows them to audit everything before sending all the data to ERP systems.