This month Ephesoft presented at the Spring Finovate Conference for the first time.  As another first, we demonstrated our complete product set—Ephesoft Transact, Transact Mobile and Ephesoft Insight—working together as part of a solution for Mortgage automation and analytics.


Ephesoft shares a kinship with Finovate, as we introduced Ephesoft Insight at the Fall Finovate Conference in New York last year. Just as Insight was well received by the banking and investment communities on the East Coast, the complete Ephesoft Suite addressed a couple of key goals for West Coast FinTech companies

Mobilizing and Accelerating for Millennials

The Mortgage industry is changing because millennials, who represent one-third of first-time mortgage applications, expect a fast process that can be primarily completed on-line, preferably on a mobile device. As we demonstrated with Transact Mobile and a Mortgage Portal connected to Ephesoft Transact, Ephesoft can provide the bridging technology between mobile customers and the paper-trail compliance requirements of TILA-RESPA.

Smart Analytics for Documents

With the possible exception of the Federal Government, no industry has more—or more valuable—content trapped in an unstructured format than FinTech.  At Finovate, we showed how these organizations can move beyond improving transactional processes and meeting compliance requirements, to leveraging advanced capture to normalize documents, unlock their contents and perform analytics. This is the untapped competitive advantage FinTech companies can unleash by extracting meaning from document repositories.

The Finovate conferences have been a great success for Ephesoft: we like the emphasis on innovation, as well as the discipline of demonstrating our products in seven minutes without slides and recordings.  It’s exciting to see the response from FinTech companies to our smart capture solutions.