WebServices API DiagramThere’s has been a lot of talk in the industry in the last couple years about document capture being accessed as a service. So, what exactly does that mean? Basically, it’s the ability to execute on-demand capture. In one popular emple, this involves being able to invoke processes like automated data extraction in the middle of a workflow process.

“Traditionally, document capture systems are deployed at the front of a document-centric workflow, “explained Ike Kavas, founder and CTO of innovative capture ISV Ephesoft. “A document enters a capture platform, it is classified, meta data is extracted, and then a workflow is kicked off.

“However, as we go to market, we are seeing companies that have workflows, related to document management or some line of business, who want features like content-based classification, data extraction, and PDF conversion, in the middle of their processes. For example, a contract arrives in the middle of an ongoing project and the customer needs meta data extracted from it.”

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