humansAt Ephesoft, we are always focused on earning the long-term trust of our customers – because we can’t afford to think short term.  We are in the subscription business, which means we have to prove ourselves every year.  This is why we are so committed to a customer-oriented product development approach.

Of course we have our road-map, we have time lines, we have prospective customers anxiously awaiting new product offerings and features.  But we never have, and never will, ignore our existing customers. When Ephesoft engineering is working on development sprints, usually a 3-4 month process, we are frequently interrupted with customer requests — and we are happy about that! Many companies sometimes brush off existing customers, forgetting that those same customers (and their requests) are crucial assets for any organization building for the future.

Ephesoft does not separate its engineering group into two sets, where smart ones work on the new version and mediocre ones work on product fixes or additional features.  We decided early on that every engineer is top notch, and as a result every engineer contributes equally to new product features, bug fixes and emergency customer requests for enhancements. This ensures we get the most effective solution possible.  We make sure engineering does not live in a bubble by keeping them connected with real customer issues.

Having seasoned team members maintain the entire code base provides numerous benefits.  If we are fixing a bug or adding an urgent customer request, we collectively ask “how can we best implement this solution in future versions, while ensuring that any bugs or shortcomings are addressed from the start.”   This way, we make sure the product always has the best developed code.  Even if it is a minor change, customers will not face any issues during upgrades, and all engineering staff will have first-hand exposure and appreciation of the needs of our customers and partners.

Our approach is about more than just fixing bugs, developing in agile mode or keeping the product roll out to a certain date. It’s about delivering complete satisfaction and responsiveness to our existing customers, while impressing new customers with the awesomeness of Ephesoft products for years to come.

Customer oriented product development is what makes Ephesoft thrive.  After all, in this economy, is there anything more important than customer satisfaction?