Ephesoft Transact 4.0 converts static documents into usable, dynamic information to fuel your business processes. “We have had access to a pre-release version of 4.0 and we have been impressed with the results” (Datalytyx TechTip Blog)  Here are the 4 main reasons you should upgrade to 4.0.

1) Speed

There has been up to 600% increase in pages per minute processed on single page batches. This is largely due to the new workflow engine. Out goes the old JBPN workflows of 3.1 and in comes the lightweight Activiti Java-based workflow engine that provides better server utilization, increased processing capacity and is optimized for virtual environments. This has led to workflows completing up to 70% faster than those running on JPBN.

2) Improved User Interface

One of my criticisms of SmartCapture™ prior to 4.0 was the user experience; it often took 5, 6, 7 mouse clicks to get to the particular setting I want to change. A good example of this is the document type training. Previously you would have to generate folders, navigate to the file browser tab, copy your single page tifs in to the First, Middle, Last folder and then click on the learn files button and then ‘OK’ those pesky confirmation boxes! Now you simply drag and drop a PDF to the drop area and that’s it. (Paul Johnson)

The new interface also makes much better use of the screen real estate which is illustrated in the two screenshots below

(Ephesoft 3.1)


(Ephesoft 4.0)



3) Improved Accuracy

Ephesoft have done some work under the hood that improves the data recognition rates and document classification accuracy, further cementing our belief that we now have the best imaging platform to build into our solutions.

 4) Advanced Reporting

There is now an Advanced Reporting Module for building advanced reports on document classification, correction and separation accuracy, and detailed field corrections. The Advanced Reporting Module also features analysis grids for ad hoc reporting, what if analysis and custom reports, including integration with other reporting and content management systems.

Contact Ephesoft or Datalytix today or a free demo of the software to evaluate how advanced document capture can increase productivity and profits for your business.

Original post by Paul Johnson of Datalytyx TechTip Blog, April 24, 2015