Automating Box with Ephesoft

As we prepare for our first BoxWorks event, I wanted to put a concise and clear outline together on the advantages and key use case for Ephesoft Technology when coupled with Box. There are 3 key questions you need to ask yourself when working with Box at a strategic level:

  1. How do I add content and associated metadata with the least amount of effort?
  2. How can I find the content I need quickly and easily?
  3. How do I glean value from the dark data that lies within my repository?

In the following sections, I will outline how Ephesoft addresses each of these key questions, and can provide enormous value to any Box repository.

Using Intelligent Capture to Add Content to Box

At its most basic level, Ephesoft Transact is an onramp for adding documents to Box. You can ingest from the following sources:

  • Scanners (Browser-based scanning)
  • MFPs/Copiers
  • Network Folders
  • Email (Body and Attachments)
  • Mobile (Through our SDK and App)
  • Legacy ECM systems (CMIS import)
  • Custom code (RESTful Web Service)

Import from a variety of sources is just the first step. Once imported, documents pass through our analytics and machine-learning engine and are classified, and then data extraction rules are applied. This extracted data is mapped to Box metadata fields/attributes. Along with our application, macro and micro services are also available for a broad variety of functions, and can accessed through code in Box, or other applications.

Box document extraction

Document Metadata in Box

Enhancing Search with OCR and Metadata

Ephesoft Transact can provide Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for Box, and provide the converted text in a number of ways:

  • All documents from an Ephesoft process are full text, searchable PDFs.
  • As mentioned, extracted metadata to Box metadata mapping
Box OCR search PDFs

Enhancing Box Search Capabilities with Searchable PDFs

Adding searchable attributes, along with providing a searchable PDF from image, allows broad flexibility in search, and insures you can find exactly what you need. To go a little deeper, Ephesoft has extensive data extraction features that can service a number of unique use cases. Here are some examples:

  • Line item extraction for AP Invoice processing
  • Paragraph extraction for contracts processing
  • Cross section extraction for financial statements
  • Signature detection for any signed document

This extraction capability allows Ephesoft to be leveraged beyond just the repository, and it can be a solution for complex data extraction needs.

Unstructured to Structured: Harvesting Data from Large Volumes of Documents

It is estimated that over 80% of the data in an organization is unstructured, and this inaccessible data can create big problems for any size business. It is estimated that poor data, and lack of structure can cost a business 20-30% of their operating revenue (FATHOM – “Big Data” Facts and Statistics That Will Shock You). Ephesoft Insight can help you tame the unstructured data in the form of documents. In essence, Insight is a big data technology that can crawl multiple, disparate content repositories. Through patented machine learning and analytics algorithms, models can be built not only to classify documents and extract data, but also to visualize, correlate and create a data map for your documents. From a Box perspective, Insights crawlers can harvest your Box content, and create meaning through machine learning. So, here are some example uses:

  • GDPR Discovery
  • Anti-money Laundering and Fraud Detection
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) Analysis
  • Contract Analysis
Box OCR Analytics

Document Relationship Mapping in Insight

So, all in all, Ephesoft solutions reduce labor, eliminate manual data entry, improve efficiency and productivity, and help you tame your unstructured data. When tied into Box, the sky is the limit when you use our platform to enhance your document workflows and analyze your content.

Ephesoft is an exhibitor at BoxWorks this week. Stop by Booth 31 for more information and an overview of our solutions.