docclass_icon_bwIt astonishes me the amount of opportunities, I often run across, that still do not automatically ingest email. We have an efficient process of sending data electronically by email. Then a manual “brick wall” shows up at the point of delivery which requires human interaction. In order to continue, someone will need to manually create a workflow process before sending the electronic data; optimistically to a path where it provides value to the business. Not only is this tremendously inefficient but also presents other problems:

  • Delays in forwarding email or content into the next business step
  • Potential human errors in conversion or diversion
  • Loss of a fully automated and traceable audit trail by intervention of a manual process
  • More labor required to complete the manual process

There is good news! This is a relatively easy process to automate through Ephesoft’s Email Import functionality. This both supports POP3 and IMAP email clients. Once established, when emails come through, Ephesoft automatically identifies the email and begins processing. This includes converting the email body and attachments to an image; including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, multi-page PDF’s, etc.  Once converted into images the data is available to be extracted via OCR, read and validated. The data then moves forward into its automated processes.

The advantage of using Ephesoft, in addition to a fully integrated system, is the use of automation. You can expect a significant reduction in the labor effort to move your information forward due to the use of OCR tools and validations. You may see a substantial amount of emails process automatically without any human intervention.

You can learn more about Ephesoft email processing with this short video: