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Welcome to the Ephesoft Wiki.

Thank you for your interest in Ephesoft. This site is dedicated to provide everything you need to know for Ephesoft.

Ephesoft mailroom automation solutions help businesses run more efficiently and respond to changes in a cost effective manner by automatically classifying, separating, sorting and extracting data from documents in paper, fax and electronic formats. Ephesoft makes business critical information available to business processes and customers faster and more accurately.

Ephesoft's open source and web based technology is easy to use, easy to deploy and does not lock you into a proprietary stack.

Current Version of Ephesoft Enterprise Edition: v3.1.2.6


Solutions and Training


Ephesoft Enterprise Edition

Product Documentation (Based on Operating System)

Windows Operating System

Linux Operating System

Ephesoft Smart Capture - Community Edition Download

If you'd like to contribute or want to learn more about Ephesoft, please Contact Us.

Introduction to Ephesoft

This video reviews and introduction to the Ephesoft Advanced Capture platform.

Ephesoft Product Demonstration

Demonstration of Ephesoft Classification, Separation and Extraction.

Accounts Payable Invoice Automation

This presentation shows how Ephesoft's 100% thin client solution automates the scanning, data entry and validation of Accounts Payable invoice processing.

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