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Invoice Processing

Invoice Processing

In today’s market, businesses need every advantage to cut down processing time and save on manual labor costs. Our invoice recognition software not only scans your paper files, but automatically extracts the important information you need from invoices, purchase orders and other related documents.

No matter if you receive these documents in paper or digital form, our recognition software will capture the details you need faster and more efficiently that any team of human operators ever could. With our track record of saving clients time and cutting costs, using the right recognition solution and partner is essential for success.

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How Can Invoice OCR Help?

Within most accounting departments, clerks comb paper invoices looking for specific and important information to hand key into their system. Not only is this subject to human error, but the process itself is typically very slow and time consuming. Unfortunately, the only way to get more processing power using this method is to hire more employees.

With our invoice recognition OCR solutions, we can automate that process by intelligently recognizing and extracting the specific data you need in record time.

We can also cross reference the data from your internal systems to automatically populate and verify additional fields. This alone can take your processing time down from hours and days, to mere minutes compared to an existing hand operated process.

Additional OCR Advantages

We pride ourselves on helping clients cut costs and gain efficiency with the right invoice recognition OCR solutions. Our products are designed to unleash the power of technology and unlike other solutions, we do not tie you down by limiting station licenses or counting image clicks.

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This allows your organization to benefit from the full power of advanced invoice recognition software that will give your company an advantage. If you are looking to streamline your accounts payable processing, please contact us today or give our team a call at 949-335-5335 for more details on our advanced invoice processing solutions.