Invoice OCR Software

Ephesoft supports a variety of financial department solutions for Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables  and Remittance Processing.  These solutions address a range of processes including Invoice Recognition, Account Openings, Expense Reporting, Payment Options, Customer Engagement and Order Entry.

Accounting, remittance processing and accounts payables and receivables are critical to any organization’s financial well-being. Manual data entry of invoices is a tedious, inefficient, expensive, labor intensive and often error-prone process.  Slow and mistake-laden document processing lengthens the payment cycle, reduces staff productivity, adds late payment penalties, and causes missed early payment discounts; it can also be difficult to track the status of these documents in real time.

These challenges can put your company’s rating and regulatory compliance at risk. Unfortunately, in the age of the “Paperless Office,” a significant percentage of accounting activity is still paper-based.


Almost half of Invoices still arrive to Vendor as Paper



AP Automation Lower Invoice Processing Costs

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The Average Cost to Process an Invoice

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