Mortgage Loans

Assisting to increase efficiency and optimize the mortgage process

Mortgage loan processing solutions are a specialty of Ephesoft since our founding. Our staff has over 80 years of technical experience in this area and hands-on experience solving the challenges associated with mortgage loan automation processing. In fact, we directly implemented some of the world's largest implementations in this area. Classification and separation of document types without the labor intensive insertion of barcode sheets is critical to process efficiently. Ephesoft's solution has an edge on our competition by using a small number of samples, as few as 1-2 compared to dozens with other approaches, to perform our content analysis. An operator reviews any low confidence documents before extraction of key data. The resulting images and metadata can interface directly to your internal systems to speed the approval process.

Our modern approach and unique automation business model allow loans to:

Close faster with less manual effort

Pinpoint bottlenecks in the process flow and eliminate them

Yield higher data accuracy than manual processing

Meet stringent SLA goals

Yield an economic payback in months, not years

Allow for auditability and compliance review


Ephesoft's Key Benefits:

Automated classification of loan documents

Classify and identify hundreds of documents used in origination, underwriting, approval, and servicing.

Train new documents in seconds

Quickly learn new documents without scripting using as few as one sample.

Capture key data fields

Extract data anywhere on the page using free-form techniques and validate it using business rules, database lookups, or cross-field checks.

Universal input

Our software captures all paper and electronic documents for a complete approach to processing and faster verifications and approvals.

Efficient exception handling

Allows focus on only the low confidence results.

100% browser-based

Modern architecture designed for fast implementations either on-premise or the cloud. It is scalable to millions of page per day. No user or image counts.

Subscription or perpetual pricing

Low cost annual subscriptions allow flexibility and fast ROIs. Buy only what you need when you need it.