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Ephesoft's WebScanner
Email Import
File Upload
Network Watchfolder    


Guaranteed Server up Time User Maintained No Guarantee 99.9% Up Time 99.9% Up Time
User Accounts Unlimited One Unlimited Unlimited
Scanning Stations Unlimited One Unlimited Unlimited
Ephesoft Enterprise Per Quad Core Free
Per Page Per Quad Core
High Performance 4-32 cores N/A 4-32 cores 4-32 cores
Batch Limit No batch Limit 10 Batches Per day No batch Limit No batch Limit
Page Limit No Page Limit 10 Page Per batch No Page Limit No Page Limit


Advanced Full Text Classification
Barcode Separation
Image Based Classification


Unstructured From Extraction
Barcode Extraction
Fuzzy Database Extraction
Invoice Table Extraction
Hand Writing Extraction  
Extraction Auto Learning  


CSV Export
PDF + XML Export
Direct Download
IBM Export  
CMIS Export  
Alfresco Export  
SharePoint Export  

Web Services & Customization

API Tool Kit **    
Custom Scripting Not Available Not Available
Professional Services Certified Partner Not Available Certified Partner Certified Partner

User Screens

User Validation

User Support

Gold Support Package 9-5 Upgrade Option   Upgrade Option Upgrade Option
Platinum Support Package 24/7 Upgrade Option   Upgrade Option Upgrade Option
Disaster Recovery Upgrade Option   Upgrade Option Upgrade Option

** Available only on Platinum Support Package