Open Source Document Scanning

open source document scanning ocr solutions

open source document scanning ocr solutions

Having the right open source document scanning software means getting more processing speed and accuracy than human operators could ever keep up with. This allows you to get more work done with the same staff, slashing costs and increasing throughput. Take advantage of software that has been proven to streamline the data collection process, with less time and mistakes.

Are you interested in document scanning software built on an open source platform? No matter if you run Windows or Linux, our scanning solutions can help you automate data extraction from paper and electronic files in record time.

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Document Scanning Advantages


Open Source Scanning Software

Open Source Scanning Software

If your organization relies on extracting information for paper or digital records, there is a massive bottleneck in terms of sorting and hand keying information into your in-house system.

We provide accurate open source document scanning ocr technology that can separate records and extract the exact details from the pages for your. Once that information is reviewed, the data can be migrated into just about any back end system or database you need.

You can say goodbye to the days of hiring a room full of data entry clerks to process your paperwork. Put the right document scanning technology to work for your organization and gain a massive advantage over the competition.

The Power Of Open Source

Ephesoft is the first company to offer advanced open source document scanning software in the industry. With our years of document scanning OCR experience, we can help take your processing to the next level.

Want to learn more about our scanning software? We would be glad to share more information and can provide a demo of how our solutions cut costs and save valuable time. Contact us today or call 949-335-5335 for additional info.

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