Open Source Scanning Solutions

best open source document scanning application

best open source document scanning application

Many of the world’s largest companies run on open source platforms, but were neglected when it came to having advanced OCR and scanning applications. While there are multiple imaging solutions for windows, our team has developed an open source document scanning application that gives your company a competitive edge.

There is massive shift in business processing which allows companies to acquire more accurate data processing over human data entry. With the right document scanning application, businesses can allow software take care of the heavy lifting without the need to train additional staff.

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Advantages Of Document Scanning

open source document scanning ocr demo

open source document scanning ocr demo

Sharing information is essential throughout most departments. The issue is tied to extracting important data from pages in order to continue timely business processes. Rather than printing paper copies that waste resources, forward thinking companies can use open source document scanning OCR software to digitize information.

Once the paper is digitized and data is read, any information can quickly be shared with your back-end system, line of business application, or document management solution.

Document scanning OCR allows software to intelligently read the content from the page; a fraction of the time it would take a human to view and key these same details.

Your Open Source Scanning Partner

Ephesoft is the first company to that has focused on an open source scanning application. This market requires the same OCR solutions, and now can benefit from advanced capture software just as the Windows community has enjoyed.

If you need open source scanning OCR, and would like to speak with the industry experts, please contact us today. Our team would be glad to learn about your current document and data processes! In addition, we can share some insight that can streamline your document centric process. Please give us a call at 949-335-5335.

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