Do You Need Automatic Document Classification?

One of the most time-intensive aspects of scanning documents is manually separating files, or even worse, wasting time and money by printing out separator sheets.

With all the advancements in imaging software, the separation process has always been the challenge when it comes to document scanning.

We provide open source document classification software that eliminates the need for target sheets, separators, or even barcodes to identify and classify documents. This is just one innovation that makes Ephesoft the leader in open source scanning, and if you would like to try a free demo, click here!

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Automatic Document Classification Means Efficiency

The focus of automatic document processing solution is to extract the important information as accurately, and efficiently as possible.

When you remove the burden of adding separator sheets, or manually separating documents before scanning them, your efficiency ramps up quickly. This is a much more cost effective solution compared to buying more scanners and hiring staff to man those machines.

With the same staff and equipment, you can get more work done and let our automatic document classification open source solutions handle the heavy lifting. Ephesoft offers world class OCR software that provides benefits, such as:

  • Built on an open source platform
  • World class OCR engine
  • Flexibility of a hosted or on-premise solution
  • Fully supported by an experienced technical team
  • Advanced Reporting
  • And more!

You know leaving separator sheets behind and using automatic document classification is one of the most efficient automatic processing steps you can take. Our team would be glad to share with you how we have helped other organizations looking for open source document classification solutions, slash costs and increase productivity.