Ready To Automate Your Mortgage Loan Classification?

ephesoft mortgage loan classification technology

ephesoft mortgage loan classification technology

If mortgage loan classification means colored tabs and a room full of barcodes, we have proven solutions that will save your lending organization both time and money.

Everyone knows the mortgage process is full of important paper that traps essential client data. In fact, one of the most time consuming steps of processing a loan is taking all of that paper and classifying them into the right section, then manually extracting the information.

In fact, not only will our solutions speed up the mortgage classification process, but by scanning mortgage documents with Ephesoft means that human errors can be massively reduced, if not eliminated. There is no better way to slash loan processing costs than with our advanced solution for scanning mortgage documents.

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Why Scanning Mortgage Documents Makes Sense

Like other forms of technology, there are features available in advanced scanning software that can lower manual processing efforts, even slashing them by over half compared to your current manual process.

mortgage document scanning ocr solutions

mortgage scanning ocr solutions

Why struggle with rolling office mail carts full of paper loan files, when simply scanning mortgage documents and processing them electronically can offer huge benefits. Some companies even get into a habit where they print multiple copies of the same loan file simply to give other people in their office access.

Here are some great advantages with scanning mortgage files using the right solution:

  • Lower or eliminate manual data entry
  • Cut human error and mistakes
  • Stop waste by ending separator sheet printing
  • Lost or misplaced loan files
  • Audit trail and file accountability

With today’s market, simply hiring additional staff to get more work completed is no longer an economic solution. Let’s put the right solution together and make scanning mortgage documents your key to getting more done, in less time.

How Ephesoft Can Streamline Your Mortgage Scanning Process

With the right technology and partner, your mortgage loan classification and scanning process can utilize the most advanced features available today. If you have questions about our solutions, contact us today.

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