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Solution Guides

Mortgage Loan Processing

Within the branches of title, mortgage, and legal industries Ephesoft has improved processes that involve procedures like mortgage processing, mortgage loan due diligence, and settlement services.

Insurance Claims

Insurance companies are intensely data and document driven. Having access to documents as quickly as possible is critical to better customer service,
while the ability to process policies, claims, and general customer correspondence faster and more efficiently is critical to profitability and sustainability.

Accounts Payable

Accounting, remittance processing and accounts payable and receivables are critical to any organization’s financial well-being. Manual data entry of invoices is a tedious, inefficient, expensive, labor intensive and often error-prone process.

Mail-room Automation

Mail-rooms can sometimes look like disaster zones, with documents flying in, out and all around! It’s time someone simplified the process – so Ephesoft did. First, we looked at problems that plague most mail-rooms, time consuming tasks such as opening, recording and labeling all incoming documents.

Case Studies


Mountain West Financial

“This solution has been a sea of change for us. We’re moving toward paperless workflow and we’ve opened doors for scanning on the front end. It’s a very positive change.”
~Susan Hartsock, IT Supervisor



“It’s very intuitive & easy to configure, and since less training required, our customers love it. When needed, Ephesoft offers a very proactive and helpful support team.”
~ Anshuman Nayak, Lead Systems Consultant


Baldwin and Lyons

”We have a lot of business leaders who have been here 20 years….Today, change is a way of life for people we didn’t think it would be easy to convince to change at all.”
~Brian Gray, Director of Application Development


Bristol City Council

“As we learned more about the functionality of Ephesoft we have realized that it could be used to improve the efficiency of many other document-centric processes across the council.”
– Robin Lewis, EDRM Domain Manager



“I have seen a seven fold increase in productivity by implementing OCR as part of the Conditions process. This is a huge savings for the company and provides instant verifi cation of documents eliminating any process delays during this stage.”
– Alex Ulyanov, CIO – InterFirst

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